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Dr. Hermann Brandt, the inventor of Tchoukball, wrote this book (217 pages) (now translated in English) to present his work on physical education, and approach to invent the game of Tchoukball. Michel Favre, as the co-inventor of the game, wrote the foreword of this book and oversaw the editing work.
Dr. Hermann Brandt scientific study won him the Thulin Price of the International Federation of Physical Education for his originilaty, and uniqueness approach to team sports.
This book explains the kinesiology, psycho-social aspects of Tchoukball, as well as its social and educational values, in addition to the explanations of the game. Dr. Hermann Brandt’s analysis, in physical education, demonstrate the physical, psychology, and social components which drives him to create Tchoukball. He also compare Tchoukball to other sports such as football (soccer), handball, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. We can say that Tchoukball was a sport invented on a scientific basis.
This book includes drills with diagrams, and pictures. the Tchoukball Charter, an history of the rules of the game, and a bibliography has been added in the English version. Every Physical Education teacher, coach, player, referee, Tchoukball official should read this book to really comprehend the inventor’s motives.
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TB111_3_3_WTCHOUKBALL: An Innovative and Non-Traditional Approach to Team Sports” This book (213 pages) contains all the vital information for teaching and coaching students and players to learn and achieve in the sport. Including principles of throwing and catching, offensive and defensive skills, and individual as well as team concepts and strategies, this guide will lead any teacher, coach, or player to success in Tchoukball. Ideal for anyone who does not know about the game, and want to introduce it, at school, sport camps, or create a team.
This comprehensive package is loaded with reproducible, assessment templates, and sample units that provide educators with everything they need in order to simultaneously teach and assess students, and players, the lifelong value of Tchoukball, presented in concise, user friendly format, this comprehensive package contains the following features:
BOUND-IN CD-ROM: PDFs of more than 50 reproducible are provided for duplication, as well as lesson plans for 12 days teaching units of 45 minutes.
Additional reading materials, sample of student log book, individual and team assessments.
RULES OF THE GAME: The Tchoukball Charter, official Rules of the Game, Official Interpretations of the Rules, and Referee hand signals, wheelchair, and Beach Tchoukball Rules are included in the book, and also as PDFs in the CD-ROM.
Each chapter includes guidance on how to implement and teach Tchoukball, from beginners to more advanced players. The templates offer a guideline to introduce the game in physical education class for all students to enjoy a team sport. be successful, without being afraid to be hurt, blocked or ashamed of their athletic competencies.
Tchoukball should be part of all physical education programs, which are focused on the well being of ALL students/players, by providing an opportunity to everyone to grow up, to be taught good social behaviors and positive values, as honesty, respect, fair play, and trust, while having fun playing a team sport

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