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Chris Huang of TaiwanChris Huang is a physical education teacher, and leaves in Kaoshiung Taiwan .

Discovering the game while in college, Chris did a master and his memoir was on Tchoukball history in Taiwan. Chris is also the president of the International Federation of Tchoukball (FITB). Chris is a n enthusiast supporter of the game, and he is spending time, energy and money to promote Tchoukball around the world.

In this interview, Chris explains how he discovered the game, what are his motivations to promote the game, as well as his goals as the president of the FITB. In this interview, Chris answers in Chinese and translation is made by Victor Wang, thank you Victor.

You can contact him at: chris.huang2(at)
Next episode: Thomas Langescheid and Joachim Fromm, of Germany, President and PR of Tchoukball Germany, as well as the organizers of the 2014 European Tchoukball Championships (ETC)


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