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How the FITB can help you to promote Tchoukball


Julio Calegari, Director of International Development for the FITB, explains on this video the challenges of starting Tchoukball in a new country.

Julio is originally from Brazil, where he was playing in the national squad, but since 2006 he lives in Dubai (UAE) from where he flies to different countries in all continents to promote tchoukball. He has been to more than 25 countries introducing and assisting in the promotion of the sport and also help in the organization of international events and friendly matches.

In this interview, Julio explains how he is involved in the promotion of Tchoukball in new countries, he gives advices how new countries could be helped by the FITB, and have him coming to a country to lead a coach training. He also explains what is needed to be successful to develop the game in a country. He also tell us about the great achievements in the regions and cities he have been promoting the game.

You may contact Julio by email : julio.calegari@tchoukball.org
and have more information about the international development of tchoukball on the website of the FITB : www.tchoukball.org

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