The Most Challenging Tchoukball Challenges in Switzerland

davidsandoz170David Sandoz is 23 years old and lives in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. He currently is doing a Master in Computer Science at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Besides his studies, he is the 8th President of the Swiss Tchoukball Federation (FSTB), the Tchoukball governing body in Switzerland.

David started playing Tchoukball in 2004 in the club of La Chaux-de-Fonds. In 2009 when he had to change club because of his studies, he chose to join the Nyon Tchoukball Club where he s still playing with the Piranyon Origin. In 2007, he joined the Swiss national squad and left in 2010, after taking part to the European Tchoukball Championship in Hereford (UK).

In 2008, he joined the FSTB Board, as a simple member of the board. In 2010 he became Vice-President, and took the presidency in 2011. In addition to the presidency, he also is doing the secretary work, managing the website, and is in charge of the FSTB magazine, called tchoukup. All this as a volunteer.

David also is the manager of the largest on-line collection of  Tchoukball photography. He started to try his hand at Tchoukball photography in 2007, since then he did not stop trying new angles, settings or techniques, in order to improves the result of his Tchoukball pictures.

In this interview, David explains the Swiss Tchoukball Championship, in Switzerland, as well as the most challenging goals for the promotion of Tchoukball in Switzerland.

You can contact David through the FSTB website. You also can follow him on Twitter, or Facebook, and have a look at some of his pictures on his flickr page.

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