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Tchoukball on Fire

Tchoukball Promotion in Poland, and 2017 World Games

By Monday, September 9, 2013No Comments

LukaszPlTBoFŁukasz Stasiak holds a PhD in computer science and works in the automotive industry. He first experienced tchoukball and got inspired by the idea of the game in summer 2000 in Geneve. At that time, being a member of Service Civil International, he was helping to promote tchoukball during Fêtes de Genève and to organize the World Tchoukball Championships.
Eight years later, he introduced tchoukball to his friends and encouraged them to start trainings and to take part in the European Tchoukball Championships 2008 in Usti nad Labem as the first Polish national tchoukball team ever. At the same time, he motivated the same founding fathers of Polish tchoukball to create the Sports Association “”, and served as its first President. “” supports development of tchoukball in Poland and is the official representative of Poland in the FITB.
Since 2009 Łukasz has been living in Berlin, Germany.

In this interview, Łukasz tells us about why he wanted to introduce the game in Poland and what attract him to the game. He also explains what were the challenges he has been facing about the promotion of the game in Poland, as well as the future of Tchoukball in Poland with the 2017 World Games, which will be organized in Poland.

You can contact Łukasz Stasiak directly by e-mail:
or via “”:

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