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Tchoukball on Fire

The insights of 2014 Tchoukball Beach Festival Rimini, Italy

By Wednesday, May 28, 2014June 14th, 2014No Comments

Claudio Brenna is 26 years old, and works as a researcher consultant in pPicture of Claudio Brennaublic transportation.

He discovered Tchoukball as a high school student volunteering as a staff member in the 2006 Tchoukball Beach Festival edition. In 2009, he became the main coordinator of the world biggest Tchoukball event.

In this interview Claudio explains to us what are his motivations to manage the Beach Tchoukball Festival, and why he wants to create more than just a Tchoukball tournament.

You can contact Claudio by e-mail: claudio.brenna(at)

Next episode: Jitka Vele, of Czech Republic.

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