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How to Get Tchoukball Equipment in School

janeDarnellPortraitJane Darnell lives in Dublin, Ohio in the United States of America. She is a physical Education teacher at the elementary level. She teaches students from grade 1 to 5, she is the mother of a boy and girl. She discover Tchoukball in 2012 and was attracted by the game and she introduced it to her students.

In this interview, Jane shares her passion for the game, and how she introduces the game as a recess game. She explains why she wanted to add it in her curriculum: Tchoukball includes a lot of throwing and catching, as well as the non-intimidation rules. She also is telling us, how the game spreads out in her school district, and how she was able to get enough money to buy a second set of frames.
The biggest challenges that her students were struggling with was the non-interference, no defense rules, and she explains how she was able to have her students playing the game.

She also is talking about how we could promote Tchoukball outside of school, as well as her best experience with the game.

You can contact Jane Darnell by e-mail at: jdarnell.ltd@gmail.com

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