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Tchoukball: a game which unites and promotes peace


Ismail Waiswa is the founder and current President of Uganda Tchoukball Association and Country Representative/Co-founder of Coco Kimchi Farm in Africa in Uganda, a Not for profit Organization supporting rural farmer communities in Uganda. The NGO goal is to reduce extreme poverty among Uganda farmers, by providing training, how to create good quality products, and also providing small farming equipment to help them accomplish their job.

He is a social worker with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Makerere University Kampala, and a current newly enrolled Masters of Business Administration student at Makerere University Business School.

Having learned about Tchoukball from a friend, Mr JoungHoun Light Park in South Korea in the year 2011, Ismail has been determined to introduce the game in Uganda. He contacted Julio Calegari who later supported, trained and coached the first Tchoukball coaches in Uganda in June 2012.

What inspired him to introduce Tchoukball in Uganda is the uniqueness of Tchoukball, a sport that was created to avoid injuries. Unlike many other sports, Tchoukball is more about uniting, building friendship, it is a sport that promotes peace directly through the players and the observers of the game as there is totally no acceptance to body contact or obstruction during the game. This is his inspiration and motives to introduce the sport in Uganda, and now he is working on extending it to the other countries of the Great Lakes Region, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

You can contact Ismail Waiswa by e-mail at: Ismailafrica1@gmail.com

Box 1808 – Jinja, Uganda
The Great Lakes Region- East Africa
mobile phone: +256 701 704 947
Phone: +256 791 580001

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