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Tchoukball on Fire

Coach Training in Switzerland

By Monday, February 10, 2014No Comments

MurielSommerVorpe170Muriel Sommer Vorpe lives in Le Locle, Switzerland, she is the mother of two children and a free-lance artist. She does not recall very well when she started to play Tchoukball either in 1983, or 84. She took part in her first international tournament in 1987 and the last one was in 2005, as a player of the national team.

Very quickly she became involved in Tchoukball, by being the coach with Anna Marisco of the Swiss women team, as well as in her home club when she started playing the game. Muriel was also involved with the Swiss Federation of Tchoukball (FSTB) as a member of the executive committee.

By 2002, she followed several sport formations and obtained her Swiss Diploma in Performance in Sport. Then by 2012, she took over the position of head of Young and Sport (J+S) in Tchoukball. Following Carole Buschbeck Greber, the first head of this position, and thanks to her hard work, she introduced Tchoukball in the J+S organization in Switzerland. She is also working with the FSTB on offering J+S Tchoukball coach trainings, and receive comments and feedback from the Association.

As the head of J+S Tchoukball, Muriel is in charge of the organization of the training for coaches, the curricula, coordination of the experts and their on job training, as well as to administrate the tasks attached to the job.

In this interview, Muriel explains to us why she likes Tchoukball, and describes J+S Tchoukball structure, goals and her tasks. She also talks what have been her best experiences with Tchoukball.

You can contact Muriel Sommer Vorpe by e-mail at: muriel.sommer-vorpe(at)

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